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Father / Son Clinic & Photos

In celebration of Father Day, we did something really fun this year, we conducted our 1st annual Father / Son Clinic on Saturday.

Coach Derek Bell said in regards to the Father / Son Clinic, "Over the years we've added specialty aspects to what we do, from a Memorial Day Tribute to our families that have served in the military, to on Mother's Day having the players present their mom with a rose and saying something they appreciate about her, to our Golden Era All-Academic Honor Roll, which we call the Akintunde Ahmad Award".

Derek added, "Our Father / Son Clinic though could very well be the most enjoyable thing I have ever been part of on a baseball field. Seeing the players teach their dad what they've learned, seeing the interaction, the whole vibe of it was truly enjoyable to witness. This will now be something we do every year".

The day consisted of 4 aspects, which players taught their dad:

  • Catching

  • Hitting

  • Infield

  • & Outfield

Great job to all the players and dads!

Father / Son Clinic 2015

Father / Son Clinic (Cathers)

Fathers Son Clininc (Infielders)

Coach Derek Bell & Coach Jason Bennett

Parent Andy Lingua Being Taught Hitting

Father / Son Clinic (2015)

Zion Michael 8th Grade Teaching Hitting

Hunter Mott 8th Grade Teaching Hitting

Father / Son Clinic (2015)

Chris Wagner 6th Grade Teaching Hitting

Ethan Medders 7th Grade Putting His Dad Thru Infield Drills

Nathan Hovey 7th Grade Putting His Dad Thru Infield Drills

Aaron Nathanson 5th Grade Doing Infield Drills w/ His Dad

Parents Mark Bacanskas & Brad Mooar Being Put Thru Infield Drills

And in memory of former Golden Era parent Mitchell Page, with his son

former Golden Era Club Team player Kyle Page

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