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Bottom of the 6th inning, one out, down by two runs in the Championship Game... That's when Jesse Molinar III came up to hit with one job, get on base to get the tying run to the plate. Molinar hit a ground ball to first base that looked like it would be the second out when the 1st basemen had a slight bobble and by the time he recovered and got to the base, Molinar was rewarded for busting down the line and beat it out. Next up, Ian Pascual, who fell behind in the count one ball and two strikes before lining a ball that split the center and right fielders for a double, which scored Molinar to put Golden Era down by one. Josh Ugot came to the plate next and didn't wait around as he lined a double as well which possibly could of been the hardest ball hit all season, to score Pascual and tie the game at 5-5. Next batter, Hunter Mott, who hit a rocket base hit to center field. Ugot had to freeze to make sure the ball would not be caught and advanced to third on the play. Jordan Webb came to the plate next and hit a high chopper to the first basemen who came up firing, but a little high and Ugot slid in to complete the walk-off win! Even though these players were mentioned in the comeback in the last inning, it truly was a TEAM EFFORT, where every player played a role to win this Championship. Great job Golden Era 12's! Please take a moment to watch the last play below...

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