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Mothers Day Presentation of Roses (12's & 13's)

Moms are the rock... Moms are the ones that usually wash the uniforms late at night after a long day of baseball so it's ready to go again for the morning. Moms are the ones that make sure you have a water or Gatorade and make sure your sunscreen is on. Moms are the ones after a tough game that tell their player, "It'll be alright and you'll get them tomorrow in just the right way to make you feel good". And that's only a small piece on the baseball side, not to mention the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year job that makes up being a mom. Over Mothers Day Weekend our players honored their Moms by presenting them with a rose and telling every one something they appreciated about their Mom. It was awesome and very enjoyable to hear. Great afternoon on the field and we appreciate each of you coming out for the ceremony!

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