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In the season to date the Golden Era 11U team has won championships, won some games big, had great hitting and pitching performances... but there was one thing still eluding them... the come from behind win in the last inning. Until Jake Rogers came up with a game winning hit on Sunday that is. Here's how it went, bottom of the last inning, Golden Era 11's down 6-5 to Perk's Titans. 2 outs nobody on base and a 0-2 count on Brandon Hoover. Not looking good. Hoover fouled a couple off to stay alive then blasted a tripe to deep left-field. The next pitch went to the back-stop and just like that the game was tied. The comeback was not yet complete though, Marco Ferrara ended up working a walk and Nathan Hovey was beamed on the first pitch in the back. With runners on first and second base now, Jake Rogers came to the plate. Rogers lined a hit into center-field scoring Ferrara. And after being down their last strike with nobody on base down a run, the Golden Era 11's had make their first come from behind walk-off win of the season!

2014-05-06 14.04.20.png

Jake Rogers (Spring 2014)

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