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It's been said before, one of the greatest things about the game of baseball is you never know when

one of those moments is going to happen that you always remember. You never know when a hit, catch or pitching performance is going to take place that brings the whole ball park to its feet in applause.

One of those moments happened Sunday afternoon, when 7 year old bat-boy Cody Wagner took the field in the last inning in a 11U game Golden Era was well ahead in against All-Out Baseball. It was a moment that everyone at the field watching the game won't forget. With one out and a runner on 3rd base a high fly ball was hit over Cody's head. Cody broke back and in a full run reached out and made the catch. Not only did he make the catch though, he had the field awareness to throw the ball back in quickly to the cut-off man keeping the runner at 3rd base. It was awesome! The entire crowd went crazy, cheering, yelling and applauding. The only two people who seemed not to be surprised were Cody himself and Coach Derek Bell. Derek said,"When its all said and done Cody is going to be a phenomenal outfielder and baseball player. I've seen him catch balls like that when the players have been taking batting practice so its no surprise to me he made the catch. That's just the beginning of many great plays to come. But it sure was nice to watch!" On a side note, when Cody isn't running down fly balls in the outfield, he's a switch hitter at the plate. Great job Cody and we look forward to watching catches like that for years to come!

Cody.jpg 2014-12-8-11:54:4

Cody Wagner (Spring 2014)

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