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I would like to share my opinion of the Golden Era Baseball Program that my grandson has been a part of for the last three years.

I am extremely impressed with the no nonsense approach to the game that the coaches take while being sensitive to the fact that these are still young kids that will make mistakes.

I have never witnessed any of the coaches needlessly yelling at any of the kids or criticizing their playing ability or play choice in a way that would destroy their confidence and break their spirit. The coaches do a great job of "emphasizing" to the players their strengths when pointing out how they can improve on their weaknesses.

The practices are very structured and run in a way that keeps all players busy at all times. They break up into groups to work on fundamentals and drills related to their positions. After a set period of time each group moves on to another drill.

Some drills are specific to their positions and some drills, of course, pertain to all positions. This approach keeps every player busy at all times and enables the team to get the maximum work done in the allotted time that they have. It somewhat reminds me of when I attended spring training sessions for the pros while my brother was a sports writer in Phoenix Arizona.

Lastly and most importantly I feel that every decision by the coaches that I have observed has been made based on doing what is best for the player’s development, improvement, safety, and for the integrity of the game, even if it is not the most popular decision for a fan.

For example, the kids were told to stop sliding head first primarily due to the risk of injury. It was also pointed out to the kids that a foot first slide with a quick pop up to the standing position increases their chances to advance to the next base if the opportunity arises.

I was disappointed at first when I heard Coach Derek tell the kids this because, as a fan, I love watching them slide head first but as a parent (actually grandpa) I do understand that it is less of a risk for injury by having them slide feet first. I will have to admit that I have come to realize that a well executed foot first slide ending with a quick pop up to their feet looks just as impressive as a good head first slide.

I would highly recommend the "GOLDEN ERA BASEBALL PROGRAM" to anyone that has a child or grandchild that loves baseball and wants the opportunity to be part of an organization that is devoted to the kids development and continued improvement of their skills as well as stressing good sportsmanship.

As the coach has pointed out many times: It's all about getting better!!


Bob Hawley

AKA: One very proud grandpa that feels blessed his grandson is in this program

Thank you Bob! From all of us here at Golden Era. We truly appreciate the kind words...

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