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High School club Teams & college development program

The staple of golden era:


What we offer is a positive environment with organization and thought out structure, surrounded by qualified coaches and individuals who love the game and will do everything they can to help every single player within the program begin to reach their potential.


More importantly though, a lot more importantly, our coaches strive to give our players the understanding and value of team work, the importance of values and character, how to handle adversity, responsibility and be a leader, not to mention everything else the life classroom of being part of a team and out on a field creates.


Those are the staples; those are the grounds of the Golden Era program.


Playing the game the right way and everything it has to give, we offer that experience. And that experience is something players can carry with them for a lifetime...


Lead Program Coach, Derek Bell


(Written Fall 2005, Unchanged from that day)

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