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Welcome to Golden Era Baseball. Thank you for taking a moment to hear more about us as a program, where we started, where we are now, and what we strive to do for players as they continue down their baseball road…

Our commitment and goal for all of our players is simple really, to do our best to help every player within the program begin to reach their potential, to get better…and to help them reach and be more prepared for their next level…both on the field and off the field.

Golden Era Baseball was formed in the Fall of 2004, by offering one Off-Season Hitting Class. The class filled in a matter of minutes from players and families that already knew and had worked with Golden Era Lead Program Coach, Derek Bell.

The class consisted of players who moved on to do some rather special things with the game of baseball, including Andrew Prince who would eventually move on to play baseball at Harvard University as well as Tyson Ross, who is currently in the Major Leagues, to go along with Joey Ross, who is also currently in the Major Leagues with the Washington Nationals.


Our High School Club Team Program started  with one 18 and under team, which took the field over Memorial Day Weekend in 2005 with mainly a group of “unknown” players at the time.


Never did we imagine that the entire line-up of our first game we ever played, plus all those who did not start that game, would end up playing college baseball, to go along with 3 of those players being drafted in the Major League Draft.

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From there the tradition has continued to grow. Since 2005, the program as been lucky and fortunate enough to have close to 200 College Baseball Players, several Division 1 College Baseball Players along with several players selected in the Major League Draft.


In 2006 Golden Era Baseball added our Youth or Pre-High School Club Teams.


From the very first season the Youth Club Team Program consisted of several of the area’s top younger players, including Willie ‘Junior’ Calhoun, who is currently in the Major Leagues playing for the Texas Rangers.


Our Youth Club / Travel Team Program strives to be the most complete pre high school program in the region, where the focus is put on training, teaching, and preparing players to play high school baseball.

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