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The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of baseball across California for the time being.


Official games are on hold, tournaments are on hold, high schools are shut down and so forth...


But that doesn't stop up from training and being on the field!!


In this current environment it just needs to be done differently and most importantly, safely.



Allowing players to continue to train, be on the field and do what they love is extremely important, in the current Covid Climate though it needs to be done as safe as possible.


Below is a list of our Covid-19 Safety Measures we have in place.


We ask that as parents you please pass on the following to your player to give him a head start in what for time being is just not allowed. We will also go over these with players when they arrive.




  • Face Coverings are REQUIRED to come on the field

  • Players are to practice physical distancing and keep at least 6 feet between them and any other player or coach

  • No Fist-Pumps

  • No Hand Shakes

  • No Bro-Hugs

  • No Elbow Knocking

  • Basically avoid any physical contact

  • No sharing of drinks

  • No sharing of helmets

  • Dugouts are closed

  • Players bags are to be left outside the dugout separated by 6 feet

  • Hand sanitizer is provided and players need to use it before and after each workout.

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