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1,144 'FOUR YEAR'


The opportunity of playing college baseball is wide ranging and players have more opportunities than most realize, consisting of  Division I, Division II, Division III as well as NAIA schools along with Junior Colleges.


We tell the players we work with, choose the school that is RIGHT FOR YOU.


Of course there are many variables that play into choosing the school that is right for an individual player… way too many to list here.


A lot of players and families though get caught up in going to the big name universities that we have all heard of, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona State and so forth.


If a player is offered a scholarship or roster spot at one of those schools and it’s the right fit for him that’s great and a tremendous achievement… but there are NUMEROUS other college baseball programs across the country that provide incredible opportunities.


1,144 of them to be exact at the 4 year college level.


Currently there are:


  • 298 Division I baseball programs

  • 298 Division II

  • 365 Division III

  • 183 NAIA

  • And 88 California Junior Colleges that offer baseball

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