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Player college recruiting personal webpage




Our goal as a program is to be pro-active and provide as many opportunities as possible to help all our players gain visibility and to increase their chances of moving on to play baseball past high school.


A major element of that is our Player College Recruiting Personal Webpages.


What is a PLAYER COLLEGE RECRUITING PERSONAL WEBPAGE? A hidden page on our website that has all the vital recruiting information for a player. This webpage link can then be sent to college coaches all across the country. 


Each players Individual Player Recruiting Webpage consists of:


  • Player Videos

  • Stats

  • NCAA Measurables (Such as time in the 60 yard dash and radar gun velocity)

  • GPA

  • SAT & ACT Scores once taken

  • Personal Message from your player

  • Parent & Player Contact information


To keep all your player and family personal information out of general public view, all players are supplied with a personal website URL.

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