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All of us here at Golden Era Baseball would like to welcome the following players and families to our Fall Program. We look forward to a great Fall Season and working with each of you!

Adam Birt (5th)

Aidan Pearce (8th)

AJ Moore (7th)

Al Mendoza 'Big Al' (5th)

Alan Hesse (5th)

Alex Pierceall (7th)

Alexander Bonete (5th)

Alijah Ramos (5th)

Andrew MacIntyre (7th)

Anthony Billeci (5th)

Anthony Chaney (5th)

Ben Gee (6th)

Ben Goldzband (5th)

Bilal Abraham (4th)

Blake Smith (6th)

Brandon Hoover (6th)

Brandon Su (6th)

Carson Baker (5th)

Carson Edwards (7th)

Carter Kosturos (6th)

Chase VanDerveer (4th)

Christopher Wagner (6th)

CJ Hudson (8th)

CJ Miller (7th)

Cody Wagner (3rd)

Collin Ng (4th)

Connor O'Brien (8th)

Conrad Bremer (8th)

Daniel Nakamura (8th)

Dayron Ricabal (5th)

Dexter Anderson (6th)

Diego Palacios (4th)

Dillon McInerney (7th)

Dillon Wong (4th)

Duncan Adams (8th)

Eric Bacanskas (7th)

Evan Hesse (7th)

Everett Sundstrom (5th)

Fionn Meagher (4th)

Griffin Hamlin (6th)

Holden Burcell (Chapman) (8th)

Hunter Mott (8th)

Ian Pascual (8th)

Jack Flitter (6th)

Jacob Goodman (4th)

Jake Kermoian (7th)

Jake Raycraft (5th)

Jake Rogers (5th)

Jake Spencer (6th)

Jason Olvera (3rd)

Jeremy Volpe (7th)

Jesse Molinar III (8th)

Joaquin Palacios (4th)

Jordan Webb (8th)

Jorge Sanchez (7th)

Josh Ugot (8th)

Joshua Hall (7th)

Joshua Minami (5th)

Joshua Morgan (7th)

Kai Breese (7th)

Logan Fare (3rd)

Malakai Michael (5th)

Mark A Balleza Jr (8th)

Matthew Folsom (4th)

Matthew Hall (8th)

Matthew Lee (4th)

Matthew Miles (8th)

Maverick Todd (6th)

Max Keil (6th)

Miles Taylor (4th)

Mitchell Wong (4th)

Moses Valdez (6th)

Nathan Hovey (7th)

Nathan Simonton (3rd)

Nick Sunderland (6th)

Nolan Degener (6th)

Paolo Ugot (5th)

Payton Fare (4th)

Rocky Sizemore (7th)

Ryan Bomar

Ryan Bomar (5th)

Ryan Craig (8th)

Ryan Jackson (4th)

Ryan Mooar (8th)

Ryan Sasaki (7th)

Sam Hoff (8th)

Samuel Forbes II (5th)

Stefano Padoan (7th)

Timmy Grabow (8th)

Timothy Chiang (5th)

Toshio Longley (7th)

Troy Frazier (4th)

Tucker Stratmeyer (6th)

Tyler Wilson (7th)

Will Sampson (5th)

William Hovey (6th)

William Lingua (6th)

William Simonton (7th)

Xavier Tyler Ray (4th)

Zach Lawson (7th)

Zack Nelson (8th)

Zakai Avidor (7th) Zion Michael (8th)

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